Why Brands Need to Invest in Design

Brand teams often have many factors to consider when accounting for their budget and time commitments. Because of this, design can sometimes fall by the wayside as a secondary concern. As a design agency that has worked with both small startups and large national brands, we can speak from experience that the most successful brands are usually the ones that make design a top priority.

After all, design is the brand’s “face” to the world. It is the first element of the brand that consumers engage with, and if it fails to make a strong first impression, that is where engagement ends. Design is especially important for brands competing in crowded categories, as well as for brands that require their design to educate the consumer on a new product.

Consumer brands only have a few seconds to capture the interest of shoppers, which is why it’s best to have a creative agency to navigate design projects. So much goes into strategizing for a design project, from researching competitor visuals to understanding what drives the shopper. It’s not enough for the brand to simply look good; it has to differentiate itself from other brands, distinguish its own varieties, and communicate the brand’s “reason to buy”

Ideally, a shopper should be able to look at a product and immediately identify what it is, whom it’s for, what its benefits are, and why they should choose it over any alternatives. Design brings together all of these points visually, unifying messaging, imagery, and hierarchy to create a single, well-defined identity. This entire process that takes an immense amount of strategy, skill, and experience in order to pull off successfully, which makes design and the creative partnership such an important investment.

Moreover, investing in design goes beyond just a logo and a package; it extends to every way your brand or product is communicated. Investing in a strong creative partnership will enable you to take your brand identity through all mediums, as the designers will have thought through how each element will translate.

By devoting enough time, the right budget, and careful consideration to design, brands will have the tools that they need to convince consumers to take a chance and try their brand for the first time. The greatest product in the world will still struggle if the brand’s identity and design elements are weak, and creative agencies act as reliable partners who promise to deliver winning results from the brand’s investment.

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