What’s new for Spring?

What’s new for Spring?

Move over St. Patrick’s Day-its time for Easter treats to take over! To us, you can never have too many Easter treats and we look forward to the pastel flood this time of year. Whether its twists on old favorites, new flavors for the occasion or an all-around new item- it’s always an exciting time of year when you see the pastels on shelves.

Here are a few that are catching attention:

Twizzlers Bunnies!

New flavor and shape! This time around Twizzlers is taking a break from the long strawberry twists and is introducing a bite sized approach. The bunny shaped candies are even cherry flavored! Totes adorbs.

Rice Krispies Bunny Kit

Not only do you have a tasty treat at the end but have fun while doing it! More importantly- you don’t need a classically trained chef, these are simple and family friendly. The kit is set up for you to make your own Rice Krispies Treats and use the included bunny-shaped mold to achieve the desired shape. Once the treats are cooled down each kit comes with icing and jelly beans for decoration. Fun! Yum!

Cheetos Sweetos

No orange fingers here! Instead of the everyday cheddar, these Cheetos puffs are covered in sugar and cinnamon spice in hopes to satisfy any sweet tooth. Better yet, they are perfect for mixing it up when you’re overloaded on chocolate bunnies and candy eggs or crave a sweet crunch.

Hershey Build A bunny

When you look at those solid chocolate bunnies you think, “how do I even go about eating that?” While the innovation has been out there to break it into pieces and even dip into peanut butter, Hershey took it to the next level and created a new “Build your own bunny” concept. Adding a little fun for anyone and making these more about the experience.

Calling all Star Wars fans! This chocolate egg comes filled with a Baby Yoda marshmallow that makes it the perfect Easter hot chocolate bomb.

And last but not least- the Peep has come a long way from the yellow marshmallow chicks. Flavors including: Root Beer Float, Tropical Burst, and even some high profile collaborations such as Hot Tamales and Donut Shoppe Coffee flavors are filling grocery shelves in hopes of providing a flavor for everyone. Peeps also has two new treats, Peeps-flavored jelly beans and individually wrapped mini-Peeps, perfect for Easter egg hunts.


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