What generation are you?

What generation are you? Based on when you were born you fall into the following categories: Baby Boomer, Gen X, Gen Y/Millennial and Gen Z or more. Have you ever wondered what are the ages? What makes you different from the next?

For the next few articles, we are going to break down each of these generations, provide a little insight and a little information on each of these. Let’s get started.

First and foremost, the baby boomer. 


Born 1946-1964 (currently 58-76 years old) the Baby Boomers have had a huge influence over the last 50 years. They control more than ¾ of Americans wealth and a very important segment to watch. They hold higher pensions, stocks and mutual funds and surviving multiple economic crashes, have learned a thing or two.

With health and wellness being of primary concern, baby boomers are investing in technological solutions that can help monitor and maintain their health. (i.e. heart rate and vital signs). They too participate in ways of de-stressing that are non-medical for increased physical and mental wellness.


Even though this generation wasn’t raised on technology, they are key contributors to online shopping. Not only are they using technology for shopping, they too are gaining a social connection with family, friends or people of similar interests via facebook and even Instagram. Moreover, as mobility decreases, the technology of automatic home options such as cooling/heating or the ring doorbell are paramount.


When you look at the age range of this group, retirement may come to mind. However, for some it may not even be a thought. Whether they are retired now or its coming soon, most of this generation will continue to work. This is said because many careers were cut short due to layoffs, or people just didn’t put enough money away. Life expectancies have increased but so have health problems. Post covid, remote and part time work have become an attractive option and some have continued to contribute to the work force and enjoy semi-retirement.

As this generation continues to live their lives, their lifestyles have and will continue to evolve-they are keeping up with the times.

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