What generation are you? Pt 2

Being born between 1965-1980 this generation is sandwiched between Baby Boomers and Millennials. Honestly, they have been overlooked but there are some key differentiators between this generation and others.

This generation is said to have the highest average credit card debt, lack retirement preparedness, low savings rates and spend lots of money on their children’s education. They prefer shopping online, are brand loyal and more likely to use facebook over any other social platform. In digestible comparisons- they have eased into technology and are not as heavily reliant as Gen Z or even Millennials. They were hit hard in years past in terms of savings and retirement and allocate money in other ways.

However despite the hard ships, this generation is more likely to own their home but have higher debt. However they have proven to be hard workers, donate to charities and are the most ethnically diverse generation by far.

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