Noteworthy Valentine’s Day Endeavors

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, we of course scour the shelves or research online to see what new products are introduced, what trends are happening in store/online and of anything else unique that is done for the occasion. Chocolate and flowers are inevitable staples for this holiday but we saw a few other endeavors worth mentioning. Here are few highlights:

Twists on the Classics

Being a partner with Hershey, we can’t help but taste and admire every item that they launch. Their new releases Reese’s Blossom-Top Miniature Cups and Hershey’s Pink Cookies ‘N’ Creme Hearts bring simple but festive twists to their classics. The packaging is colorful, lively and still pays homage to the original branding and hierarchy.

Flavors for the Occasion

Another flavor debut we love is from ColdStone Creamery. They are offering two Valentine’s Day themed flavors: “You had me at Chocolate dipped Strawberries” and “All is fair in Love and Cake.” “Chocolate-dipped strawberries are a ubiquitous part of almost any Valentine’s Day menu, so we decided to re-imagine this luxurious treat into one of our super-premium ice creams” (via PR Newswire). Similarly, All’s Fair in Love & Cake features “Chocolate-Dipped Strawberry Ice Cream wrapped in fluffy Strawberry Frosting and cascading Fudge Ganache.” YUM!

Valentine’s Day Dinner Plans

Move over chocolate! Although this may not be a fine dining experience pictured in movies, we found what White Castle is doing to be quite adorable and note worthy. White Castle made the difficult decision to refrain from having customers dine in its restaurants and instead are introducing the “Love Cube.” The hot pink Love Cube meal for two includes eight Cheese Sliders, two small soft drinks and a choice of two shareable sides. It’s available only on February 14 while supplies last and can be purchased for delivery or carryout. Although it is not their traditional Valentine’s Day celebration due to the pandemic, they still want to honor the tradition with their customers. Under normal circumstances since 1991, White Castle transforms its dining rooms into fine dining establishments complete with hostess seating, tableside service and festive holiday décor.

Not just chocolates and flowers

Shifting gears outside of food options, Nike is launching a few Valentine’s Day shoe options. In addition to a pink/red Air Jordan, Nike is set to release the GTS 97 “Valentine’s Day” sneaker. These are a play on a 90’s classic, an off-white canvas upper, covered in a heart and rose pattern. These too are designed to be customized. What a unique give for the shoe lover!

So whether it’s a unique product, package or experience, Valentine’s Day is still a little more than a Hallmark holiday for some and a chance to let brands have fun.

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