They call it a comeback


There is meaning behind the term “comeback” when it comes to trends. Another way to describe this, tending to be a little nicer, is coined as nostalgic. Whichever way you decide to describe it, one if the latest trends of 2022 is paying homage to the 90’s.

90’s Baby

Whether it’s the colors, fonts, or even terminology, the 90’s are back. Why you ask?

Given the recent happenings over the past few years, Covid took its toll when it came to overall morale and really shook up the way that we live. The 90’s brings us back to a simpler time. Happier moments, easier times, bright colors. “Everything old and retro is new again! People want familiarity and comfort mixed with minimalism—life was overwhelming pre-pandemic. People want to slow down, reflect and have fun.” – Joanna Alves, Creative Manager, Product Creation and Experience at Vista.

90’s Design

Being that the 90’s were so culturally diverse, the best part about it to a designer is that they can choose which theme they want to go after. Although the 90’s focused on individualism, the other main trends of this era were around musical influence, innovative type, minimalism and we can’t forget anti-design.

“It’s not just those neon hues, bold typography, wackadoodle patterns, and rave aesthetics making a comeback. “The truth is, the 90s, in terms of design, was more fun and complicated and experimental,” Alex says.  Alex Center of Brooklyn-based design agency CENTER. “There were layers and gradients and shapes and funky type, and I’m excited that it’s coming back.”

The creative styles we can look forward to seeing more of will be expressive and exciting. One thing is for certain; the 90s will have a long-lasting impact on the creative community and our modern pop culture.

Here’s a look at some of the most recent package designs that are right on trend:


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