The Top Wine Trends for 2021

Although the wine industry is built on tradition, trends are constantly developing and shifting just like in any other CPG category. As consumer needs and preferences continue to evolve, here are our predictions for the top trends that will impact wine brands in 2021.


Sustainable Packaging Sets Brands Apart

The past few years have seen a rise in alternative packaging formats on shelf, with products like single-serving wine bottles and innovative boxed wines finding a lot of success with consumers. However, the biggest trend in packaging that we expect to see in 2021 is an overall push towards greater sustainability. This can mean brand-new formats, like Revelshine’s fun aluminum cans, or it could mean something as simple as transitioning from corks to screw-tops. Either way, brands will need to find ways to meet consumers’ desire for environmentally friendly packaging while maintaining the integrity of their products.


Wine Brands Will Embrace the Seltzer Trend

Over the past few years, hard seltzers have been one of the fastest growing categories in the entire alcohol industry. Now that some popular national brands like Barefoot® have dipped their toes in, we expect to see even more wine brands experimenting with their own hard seltzer lines.  Additionally, the spring and early summer will likely still see smaller gatherings and will have some consumers continue to avoid bars, and wine-based seltzers are a great solution for consumers that want to enjoy a drink from their favorite brand but can’t really justify opening an entire bottle.


Wine Brands Will Watch their Sugar

As consumers search for products that can make specific dietary claims and that fit into their lifestyles, wine brands may find that they can reach more shoppers by offering varieties that are lower in sugar. Low-sugar lines can help wine brands appeal to consumers that value health and wellness, consumers that are on low-sugar diets (such as keto), and/or consumers that simply prefer drier wines.

Wine brands have a ton of great opportunities to innovate and reach new consumers in 2021. There are some very interesting trends that are developing in this space, and it will be exciting to watch how brands respond to evolving shopper profiles, needs, and tastes.  

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