The Top Logo Redesigns of 2020

The food and beverage industry has been extremely busy this year, but many companies have still found the time to prioritize logo redesigns. We’ve seen some great new logos that debuted in 2020, but here are a few of our top redesigns that we feel are especially strong and effective.



The new Popeyes® brand identity is cleaner, more modern, and more mature now that they have gone for a less cartoonish font and simplified the color scheme. The new logo also tells you more about the brand itself: the year that the company was founded replaced the old fleur-de-lis icons (which were a little redundant, since “Louisiana” is already in the name) and the chicken is representative of the brand’s signature menu items.


King Arthur Baking Company®

Given how popular baking has become this year, this name change and logo redesign from King Arthur Baking Company® couldn’t have come at a better time. The brand refresh puts more emphasis on baking as an activity, helping the brand form stronger connections with consumers. Although the new logo is a lot simpler than the old one, the crown icon is still distinct and immediately identifiable on shelf.


Cali’flour Foods™

The original Cali’flour Foods™ logo was designed to be simple and clean (reflecting the brand’s commitment to simple and clean ingredients), but founder Amy Lacey believed that it wasn’t distinct enough from competitors that emerged since the company’s launch in 2016. In addition to causing confusion for shoppers, Lacey also believed that it sent a dangerous message since these competitors did not hold their products to the same quality standards as Cali’flour Foods™. This new logo is very original and recognizable, making it easy for consumers to find the brand at retail.



Food and beverage brands aren’t the only ones that have seen massive new growth in customers this year. Tech companies that support remote work teams have gotten tons of new users in the pandemic, and companies like Slack© have had to reconsider their branding now that they’re in the spotlight.

Although this new logo might initially look a little more detailed than the old version, this redesign is actually a simplification. In a blog post on the company website, the Slack© team explained that the old logo contained 11 different colors, could not be placed on any background color other than white, and was very easy to mess up by placing the brand character at the wrong angle. These issues are resolved with the new logo, which retains the colorful look and modern personality of the previous logo.

A great logo redesign will carry a brand into the future without alienating existing customers. These are just a few examples of successful logo redesigns that emerged this year, and we are looking forward to seeing what kind of design innovation we’ll see in 2021.

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