The Hershey Company Announces Exciting Limited-Edition Candies

It may only be July, but that hasn’t stopped The Hershey Company from getting us all excited for seasonal limited-edition candies. The company recently revealed some of the offerings that we can expect to see in stores around Halloween and Christmas, and we can’t wait to pull out our sweaters and try these for ourselves.

The new Reese’s Franken-Cups feature green cream paired with the traditional milk chocolate, adding a fun burst of color to the Halloween lineup.

Not only are these KIT KATs® a witchy green, they’re also layered with marshmallow flavor. Once the weather starts to get chilly, nothing sounds better than a s’mores-inspired KIT KAT® variety.

This release seems to be generating the most buzz, mostly because it’s so fun. These Vampire Kisses “bleed” strawberry crème, and the packaging plays with popular vampire imagery like capes and castles.

Hershey has gone even further with the vampire motif with Cookies ‘n’ Crème Fangs, which feature spooky teeth stamped into the white chocolate bar.

One of the most iconic M&M’s commercials ever produced involve the characters accidentally meeting Santa Claus as he delivers presents. This time, they’ve gone after his cookies with a new White Chocolate Sugar Cookie variety.

Few brands manage to do seasonal products as well as Hershey does, yet it’s still impressive to see them constantly coming out with creative limited-edition candies that can get consumers excited months in advance. We can’t wait to see what other products are in the lineup this year, but these releases already indicate that we’re in for a delicious holiday season.

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