The Coolest New Products for a Laid-Back Thanksgiving

By now, we all know that Thanksgiving is going to be very different this year. Gatherings will probably be much smaller, and we’re going to see many more households eating by themselves. However, this doesn’t mean that Thanksgiving can’t be any fun at all. Brands are releasing new products that will help any consumer have a delicious Thanksgiving – no matter how they’re celebrating it.


Apple Pie Pepsi® Helps Consumers Streamline Dessert

Pepsi® has come out with some interesting flavors in recent years, but apple pie is probably the one that we’d be most excited to try. Unfortunately, it’s only currently available as a prize via Pepsi’s® social media competition. It sounds delicious, and hopefully this unique soda will get a wider release so that anyone can try it.


Perdue’s® “ThanksNuggets” Deliver Holiday Flavors in a Fun New Form

One positive part of a micro Thanksgiving is that it can give consumers a chance to take it easy and relax, without the added anxiety of cooking a large and complicated meal for a big party. Perdue® takes this idea one step further with their new limited-edition ThanksNuggets, which are currently available online.

From Perdue’s® website: “Forget the hours of prep, the brining, the roasting, the mountain of dishes, the fancy place settings: PERDUE® ThanksNuggets pack all the best flavors of Thanksgiving into two effortlessly delicious nuggets. The dark meat nugget is inspired by traditional sides like cranberry sauce and stuffing, while the white meat nugget is inspired by everyone’s favorite Thanksgiving vegetable: sweet potato.”


Baskin-Robbins® Wants Consumers to Carve a Different Kind of Turkey

Although some people won’t be having a traditional turkey this year, Baskin-Robbins® is offering a really fun alternative that’s perfect for the holiday. This impressive ice cream cake looks just like a real bird – cooking not recommended.


Trader Joe’s “Everything but the Leftovers” Seasoning Makes Everything Taste Like Stuffing

 Combining onion, salt, yeast, black pepper, turmeric, celery seed, sage, rosemary, thyme, and parsley, this new seasoning from Trader Joe’s can really simplify Thanksgiving cooking by bringing together almost any herb a home chef needs into one convenient product. Since this Thanksgiving is going to focus more on taking things easy, Trader Joe’s couldn’t have picked a better time to release this new addition to their “Everything but” seasoning line.

This won’t be the Thanksgiving that many consumers had hoped it could be, but brands can still help them make new and exciting traditions that keep the holiday fun. Whether shoppers are having a socially-distanced event for the whole family or only eating with their immediate household, brands are giving them a lot to look forward to this year.



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