The Coca-Cola Logo- a designers dream


When asked to close your eyes and someone says “Coke” you can see this:

Am I right?

To a package design team, this is the dream in terms of brand recognition. Each day when we are exploring logo and brand standard concepts, Coca-Cola is always one of the best examples that we think of. In all reality not every brand will measure up to Coca-Cola but we can strive for that right? Let’s take a deeper dive into some of the history and reasoning as to why and how Coca-Cola is where it is today.

The Coco-Cola logo was designed by Frank Mason Robinson who was a bookkeeper and partner of John Pemberton. He decided that the logo should be designed and written in Spencerian cursive scripts as that is what accountants used and at the time this would stand out from competitors.  The company standardized the logo in 1923 and, like the recipe, decided that while packaging could adjust to the times, the core logo was to be untouched.

The Coca-Cola logo is recognized internationally. The red and white colors used are simple yet have motion and vibrancy which appeals to all ages and its been the same since it was started. The red is meant to represent power, excitement, energy and passion. The color red too is associated with increased heart rate and appetite.

So, what makes it so iconic? The logo is relevant, simple, and timeless.

How is a logo relevant? Some may argue its relevance as the name and logo Coca-Cola does not actually highlight what the company sells. Although this may not overtly scream what it does or be compiled of gradients, the Coca-Cola logo is relevant to the market it serves and has become synonymous with soft drinks.

There is a reason why this logo has been around this long- its simplicity. A simple logo catches attention within seconds because it only focuses on delivering the brands personality. The simpler the better as it is easier for the brain to retain. Its minimalist approach uses negative space and reduces clutter allowing for a quick effective read.

The Coca-cola logo has proven to be timeless. How? It has remained relevant for more than 100 years with very little changes. It doesn’t focus on trends or fads but remains relevant to the brand and of course in the market. In creating a timeless logo, a design team has to focus on the core ideas of the brand instead of over-the-top designs that look great but have no relevance. The Coca-Cola logo perfectly communicates the brand story through its balanced, simple, eye-catching design. Although there have been a few changes here and there, the mark has been consistent.

Part of what goes into a timeless logo is the fact that consumers remember it. But what makes a logo memorable? A memorable logo connects the brand to its consumers at first sight. A logo should be easy to remember and recognize and also work to gets the brands tone and personality across through design. The design elements in the Coca-Cola logo are well balanced and clearly portray the idea of energy, fun and good times. The brand continues to portray the energy and emotion through its advertising over the years, keeping it top of mind in terms of recognition no matter the generation.