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March 16, 2021

5 Retail Trends that will Outlast the Pandemic

Now that we've all lived with COVID-19 for a whole year, here are our predictions for retail trends that we believe will outlast the pandemic.

by Taylor Getler

February 05, 2021

Three CPG Categories that are Impacted by Face Masks

Face masks are very important for fighting the pandemic, but they’ve also affected shopper behavior and have had a big impact on key CPG categories.

by Taylor Getler

January 29, 2021

Brands Demonstrate Values by Sitting Out the Super Bowl

Brands are listening to consumers’ concerns, and instead of running Super Bowl ads this year, some companies are investing COVID-19 projects.

by Taylor Getler

January 21, 2021

How the Pandemic Affected Holiday Shopping

This might have been an unusual holiday shopping season, but there are still many lessons and lasting trends to take away from it.

by Taylor Getler

January 06, 2021

The Dollar Channel Could Dominate 2021

One type of retailer is experiencing so much success in the pandemic that they are already the frontrunner to dominate 2021: the dollar channel.

by Taylor Getler

December 02, 2020

2020 Christmas Shopping Trends are Emerging

There's still time before the Christmas shopping season really peaks, but early shopping trends are already emerging.

by Taylor Getler

December 01, 2020

How Santa is Helping Retailers in the Pandemic

Santa usually drives a lot of store traffic, but retailers need safe in-person experiences & innovative digital programs to be competitive this year.

by Taylor Getler

September 01, 2020

How Brands are Appealing to Parents in a Pandemic

As parents have more on their plates than ever, brand leaders know that consumers with children are one of the most affected groups in the...

by Taylor Getler

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