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December 23, 2020

The Most Influential Christmas Campaigns of all Time

Some of the most successful Christmas campaigns in history still have an impact today, decades after they launched.

by Taylor Getler

March 18, 2020

Industry Insights: Nicole Beckley, International Director of Marketing and Media...

Nicole Beckley, International Director of Marketing & Media for Merlot Skin Care, shares her unique perspective on CPG marketing and brand leadership.

by Taylor Getler

September 04, 2019

Lessons from Popeye’s and the “Chicken Sandwich Wars”

While viral sensations like Popeye’s sandwich are a relatively new phenomenon for marketers to navigate, we have seen enough of them to impart key lessons....

by Taylor Getler

August 29, 2017

Why Experiential Marketing Works So Well

When Frito-Lay announced that they were opening a Cheetos-themed restaurant in Tribeca – lead by celebrity chef Anne Burrell and running for three days only...

by Taylor Getler

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