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March 18, 2020

Industry Insights: Nicole Beckley, International Director of Marketing and Media...

Nicole Beckley, International Director of Marketing & Media for Merlot Skin Care, shares her unique perspective on CPG marketing and brand leadership.

by Taylor Getler

October 29, 2019

Industry Insights: Zack Schreier and Nick Hamburger, Founders of Quevos

  This interview is part 1 of Branding Times’ “Startup Spotlight” feature. Keep an eye out for part 2, coming soon! Zack Schreier and Nick...

by Taylor Getler

February 07, 2019

Industry Insights: Sandy Nelson, Former Senior Designer at Starbucks

We spoke with former Starbucks senior designer Sandy Nelson about her time with the company, and what it was like to be leading the charge...

by Taylor Getler

August 30, 2018

Industry Insights: Jan Pajerski, President of Grainful

Jan Pajerski is the president of Grainful, an oat-based meal startup that has seen incredible growth over the past few years.

by Taylor Getler

August 23, 2018

Industry Insights: Jose Velasquez, Graphic Designer at The Walt Disney...

Jose Velasquez has been a designer with Disney for over seven years. He was kind enough to participate in our Industry Insights series, and we...

by Bryan Hutches

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