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June 26, 2018

Creative Titans: Leroy Winbush, Breaking Racial Barriers

The modern design industry owes the late Leroy Winbush a debt of gratitude for shattering racial barriers in the design community.

by Taylor Getler

May 17, 2018

Creative Titans: Anna Wintour, Editorial Visionary

The legendary Anna Wintour is one of the all-time most influential figures in fashion and magazine design.

by Taylor Getler

May 01, 2017

Creative Titans: Bradbury Thompson, the Master of Typography

Born in 1911, J. Bradbury Thompson was a renowned American graphic designer and art director. His impressive background in printing and design began at a...

by Matt Cannon

March 17, 2017

Creative Titans: John Maeda and the Art of Simplicity

Born in 1966, John Maeda is a world-renowned graphic designer, visual artist, and computer scientist. Throughout his successful career as a programmer and as an...

by Matt Cannon

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