New to Sweet & Salty-what will you try?

Sweet & Salty Expo- what will you try?

The sweet and salty expo was last week, we couldn’t make it but were anxious to hear about the turn out, the trends and of course all of the new treats we can be on the look out for.

In all of the posts, articles and write ups, it seems like a lot is coming. Some of the trends we had reported on previously are crossing over especially those products that are better for people and the planet. Of course plant based products made their appearance but what really seems to be getting buzz are the trends around flavor. From the classic S’mores being more of an all year not-just-the-summer campfire flavor through amped up spices like Wise’s Southern Peach Habanero or Wenzel’s Farm Mango Habanero & Bacon Cheddar Sticks- flavor is a key trend for 2022.

In reading about the show the term “Newstalgia” was frequent. This refers to fresh flavor and innovative twists on classics. An example of these are the Frooze Balls PB&J (peanut butter and jelly rolled in a ball of dates and peanuts) or Goetze’s Caramel Creams & Cow Tales (classic caramels with oreo pieces). As if these items couldn’t get better? They JUST DID.

The one trend that I can’t seem to get enough of is salty and sweet- together! Take 5, Snack mixes, kettle corn- bring it on. But I am curious of this combo of two huge players- Ritz Crackers and Oreos? Mind blown. A combo of salt, cream, peanut butter- is it too much? Or just what we need?


One item that blew my mind is called “TakeOut.” This meal-in-the-bag is a plant based snack with vitamins, minerals, protein and said to have all of the nutrients of a balanced meal in 1 bag. What? We have to see what this is about. Have you tried? A little on the fence about the idea of a meal in a bag but hey, stranger things have happened.

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