Snapshot: 2022 Food Trends

Dare I say it? Summer is almost coming to a close.

From fresh seafood, seltzers, lake and beach time, the days are getting shorter and the heat is starting dial back. Are you happy or sad? We are indifferent as when one season ends, that means we can look forward to the next and especially get excited about what is to come in terms of trends. We will take a brief look at some new trends in food and beverage so you can be in the know!

Ingredients: Two worth taking note of

Sunflower seeds– not just for spitting in the dug out! These seeds are becoming more popular in being part of the clean eating food trend in 2022. They are even an alternative when it comes to nut butter for those nut-free schools and or places with nut allergies. Look for them in foods like spreads, breads and crackers.

Not just in tea anymore, hibiscus is an upcoming items making its way into more items. From drinks, yogurts, jams or even salad toppings, this flower is loaded with vitamin C and other nutrients-who knew!

Existing Trends Expanded:

Further expanding on the alternative protein trend, plant-based chicken will be a star player of the food trends in 2022. Sure it has been around for a little but, it is becoming more main stream especially in the fast food world. Fast food chains are testing versions in certain markets with the hopes of expanding beyond their traditional beef patties. When it comes to the grocery store- look out for a wider selection of strips, tenders and even fried chicken alternatives! What would be a fun taste test!

Milk that comes from a cow seems so old school at this point in time. From other existing alternatives like Goat Milk, Lactose Free, Nut milks from Cashew or almond- yet another player is coming into the mix, the Potato. Potato milk is low in saturated fat and sugar and presents to be the most sustainable version of non-dairy milk yet. It may sound odd but its creamy consistency and neutral flavor can be sweetened easily. Look out for it!

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