Smooth New Look

One of our favorite topics is package re-design/re-fresh. We all know the importance of staying fresh, one step ahead but of course keeping with your company’s overall brand identity. The product of the day is Vaseline. 

Vaseline, a 140 year old brand, initiated a new this newly designed package to showcase its new formula. This communication will be backed up through multimedia advertising, social media, PR and sampling.

The new look for these three lotions stick to their core. The brand name is still clear, large and highest on the bottle. Overall, the idea behind the design was to put emphasis on what makes these particular products special to the consumer. 

Since the formula has changed, the emphasis on ingredients has increased by the use of imagery. These new bottles are complimented with warm tones that match each variety. These images bring a more modern feel and seem to grab a little more attention compared to an all text package design.

Global brand vice president – Vaseline and St Ives Ricardo Pimenta comments, “Vaseline is one of the most trusted skincare brands on the market. The combination of reformulation, repackaging and the new communications platform will keep it at the front of consumers’ hearts and minds.”

Coming to the US soon!

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