Shifting Gears- Packaging Innovation

Lately we have been discussing trends, recent shows, etc. But sometimes its fun to shift gears. So let’d talk about some of the new package design innovations that you may or may not be aware of. Some of these are pretty awesome.

Here we go:

SavrPak Drop-In

Ever get a bag of salad and its nasty in 2 days? UGH! It’s always hard to swallow when food goes to waste in general but with how expensive things are right now its hardER! So how about this do-dad: The small SavrPak Drop-In. This pouch is the first moisture control technology that can triple the shelf life and freshness of produce to reduce food waste and its biodegradable. WHAT?! The SavrPak Drop-In is a 2x4in pouch made food-grade (approved by the FDA) pulp-based materials. The pouch is placed in individual plastic produce packaging including berries in clamshells and within lettuce bags.


Self Heating Food Packaging

Say you work in an environment where there is no microwave but you want something hot for lunch… what if – you could just open the food packaging and enjoy the warm food?!

Self-heating food packaging has become a reliable option for having access to fresh food. These serve as an instant mini-hotpot that can cook anything in the water, including soup, rice, and pasta. To explain, you can add cold water and instant food, and after fifteen minutes, the food will be ready to eat and HOT. You may have thought of this if you were camping but why not look at these as a great on the go option? Currently, these self-heating food containers are only available in the eastern part of the globe, but they will be on the west soon!

Skin Pack

Both food and food packaging produce an incredible amount of waste, and it has become a huge concern for the industry. Sustainability has been an ongoing topic and trend for years and is not going away anytime soon- its only becoming more prevalent and something that consumers are looking for from companies.

For this purpose, some packaging brands have started creating the skin pack aluminum poultry trays and custom boxes with film combinations. With these skin packs, the food is vacuum packed and is shaped all around the food, which helps protect poultry from air and oxygen, resulting in longer shelf life. The custom-fit film allows the product to be easily inspected, provides protection from the environment, and reduces product tampering.

More to come I am sure, enjoy!

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