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Works Design Group was recently featured in “Packaging Impressions.” Check out a snippet below, or read the full article here.

While online purchases of household essentials and cleaning products skyrocketed, the internet also became many consumers’ outlet for grocery shopping, says Taylor Getler, business development associate for Works Design Group, a packaging design and branding agency in Pennsauken, N.J.

This transition from in-store to online shopping, Getler says, has altered the ways in which packaging design communicates with consumers. In-store, items tend to be grouped in aisles by category, and consumers generally know where to go to find the products they need. But in an online setting, where products are located via searches and filters, Getler explains that on-pack claims become an important tool.

“In e-commerce platforms, you have to get it so you can tag [products] accurately based on what people are searching for,” she says. “Things like specific callouts will be more important in the hierarchy. You’re really going to want them to be one of the bigger elements in the package design, because if you have a brand that is gluten free or satisfies one of these search trends that we’re seeing, you’re really going to want to make it prominent on your packaging so that when people are looking for these specific terms, your product comes up.”

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