Lawn Care for Dummies

There is nothing worse than looking at a package or product and not knowing what it is, or what it does. What ever happened to K.I.S.S? (Keep it simple stupid)

Take a look at Scotts new Snap Spreader System. This new and creative packaging design was built to take the guesswork out of lawn care. The product line includes a spreader and specially formulated products for specific lawn care needs, such as controlling weeds, killing insects and fertilizing.

The idea behind this was of course to help consumers know which product would be the best for their lawn care needs. The design needed to communicate its key features and benefits loud and clear. Getting these benefits were wrapped around the idea of  “A beautiful lawn is just a snap away.”

Take a look at the type face–it is very easy to read, modern looking and of course locked up with the existing Scotts logo. Notice the graphics and bright colors used on the “Snap Pac.” To correlate with each color is a close-up circle device which depicts the solution to lawn care. What makes the package work is that all of these correlate with one another including a blue sky on the upper half of the bag and vibrant green grass imagery on the lower half to showcase the end benefit.

Lastly, a three-step instructional inset of Snap, Lock and Go illustrates how simple it is for homeowner’s to use the lawn care system. Easy enough right?


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