Scan and Go

Maybe we are behind the times but I came across something this past weekend that completely rocked my world. I am wondering if it is just not in my area but while visiting a relative in Maryland, we went to Sam’s Club.

He introduced me to “Scan and Go.” I have heard of this but have never really seen it or heard from anyone that has done it. So, I went along for the ride. He had the Sam’s Club App on his phone and each time we grabbed something for the cart, he simply scanned the item. All we had to do was scan the barcode or use “find an item” if there wasn’t one.

We continued to shop and had a full cart. As we were leaving, I looked at the line and dreaded the amount of time it would take to get out of there. He stood there, clicked a few buttons and then showed his receipt to an employee. The employee scanned his receipt and out we went.
WHAT?!? We looked at those in line and laughed. How are people not doing this?

Now of course there are a few open-ended areas that I question:

For me, I am a huge couponer so I would need to figure out how that works as that gratification is incentive for me at the end of a big shopping trip. Employees- isn’t this taking jobs away? What if the system is down? Or what if I decide I don’t want something? I am sure other things as well.

From a design perspective:

Working in design and having a lot of CPG clients we have started to implement more and more UPCS which would make our team cringe. To us, it sacrifices the simple and clean designs and leaves the design area very small. But from the consumer side, and even the buyer side- I get it!

But, for a first timer, I am FLOORED. Especially when most of the time I have small children with me… not having to take items out of the cart, then put them back in etc- GAME CHANGER. Have you experienced this?

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