Retro Packaging for Lyons Cakes

Even though we have never heard of Lyons Cakes, their newly designed retro packaging caught our eye.

In reading more about the company in when they were founded and what they were about, the re-design will serve the company well. Take a look at the old packaging compared to the new:

The new retro packaging design explores and celebrates the brand’s rich heritage. The new look rewinds back to its famous history of teashops and its waitresses from the 1890s. (see photo below)

With a long-standing tradition for ‘proper’ cakes, the brand was renowned for its nippy waitresses serving up affordable tea and cake to the masses. Having lost its way over the years, the redesign focused on communicating the brand’s story in a relevant and contemporary manner.

“The new design gave us a chance to transform Lyon’s, rediscovering the wonderful heritage that made the brand famous in the early 1900s. We decided to hero the nippy waitresses at the heart of the teashops to deliver personality & heritage, balanced with a vibrant colour palette to create a sense of modernity for the brand.” Laurence Hunnex, Senior Designer, jkr. (source)


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