Our Latest Work for Campbell’s

Campbell Soup Company, one of our longest-tenured (and favorite) clients, recently announced an initiative to revolutionize their product portfolio by introducing 200 new items over the next 12 months, many of which will have “better for you” elements.  Here is a recent article where Ad Age detailed these plans, and we are so proud to see that our design work was featured front and center.

As you can see in the article, Campbell’s will be rolling out a line of Campbell’s-branded organic soups, for which we recently completed the branding, packaging and photography work (among other things).  This organic packaging design was an exciting and challenging project as it was Campbell Soup’s first foray into the organic soup space.   The line will feature boxed soups and will be sold in six different varieties, including Tomato & Basil and classic Chicken Noodle.

Separately, below is a look at another project that we recently completed which was also featured in the Ad Age article – V8 Protein Bars and Shakes.  We completed the branding, design and photography for these products as well.  As noted in the article, V8 will be launching this line of protein bars and shakes to move into the protein space, a trend that has exploded in recent years.  These products will include carrots and sweet potatoes (among other other ingredients), and the shakes will use protein sources that include soy, brown rice and quinoa.

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