Private Label?

A lot of big companies right now are struggling with the private label competition. With the economy being down, many consumers are seeking the store brand/private label option to help cut costs and better manage finances.

If you are a frequent WalMart shopper, you are more than likely familiar with their brand “Great Value.” Their private label design is predominately white, has blue copy and a simple photo. But how about if I told you that the label below was “Great Value,” would you know?

Cott Beverages has gone through three different label designs in the last three years for its line of juices under the Great Value brand. This time, they opted to take consumers to “the fertile farmlands where the most delicious fruits and vegetables are grown.” (source) This approach allows imagery to do the work in illustrating that this great tasting juice begins at the source.

Compared to any other item under the Great Value name, this is definitely eye catching…but is it also deceiving? What do you think?


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