Wondergrove Cannabis


Branding, Print

A cannabis startup came to us in need of a spark. Their developing business required both naming and branding. Uniquely, they needed 4 different brands representing various segments of the retail cannabis industry, as well as a parent brand from which to market these 4 retail brands. Among the segments under this parent brand were to be Flower & Prerolls, Oils & Tinctures, Edibles, and Cartridges. Our first task was to create names for each of these brands, beginning with the parent.

Our teams agreed that this name needed to be flexible enough to encompass each segment, while inspiring a sense of wonder and excitement that comes inherently within the cannabis industry. After brainstorming, doodling, typing and yelling aloud hundreds of names, we settled on the parent brand name: Wondergrove.

Once selected, we provided a series of logo options that we felt was a reflection of their offerings and individual perspective. Each of these concepts had its own unique look and feel. We too included additional materials so the team could get a sense of the overall direction we were going towards.

Once there was a selection and feedback, we moved on to finalized the mark and roll this out into a brand guide.

Like each brand guide we deliver to clients, this includes details on logos, color, typography, and applications.

The team drew inspiration from cannabis plants and common strain names to create a rich, inviting color palette that would serve as a backdrop for beautiful product photography, descriptive messaging, and inspiring brand elements.

Works ultimately delivered a brand and a flexible system that the startup will be able to grow with and expand over time. Wondergrove is a fantastic haven for the retail brands it will soon house. Stay tuned for updates on our naming and brand development for their future offerings!


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