V8 Sparkling +Energy

In an effort to make a memorable change, Campbell’s and the V8 team came to us for help in the transformation of their V8+ Energy Sparkling line.

One of the main reasons behind this change was that this product is carbonated, but the existing packaging did not convey this clearly enough for many consumers. Since the design was so close to the parent V8+ Energy line, the team wanted to make a bigger change to help minimize the confusion.

In addition to the carbonation, the flavor profile for this Sparkling variety is also distinct from the main V8+ Energy line. The Sparkling products are lighter and airier, so we had to balance a redesign that conveyed all of these important details without straying too far from the look of the existing line.

Our team hit the ground running in playing with type treatments, fruit illustrations and placement, hierarchy, and even the base color of the can. The pastel colored cans not only helped pull each of the flavors away from each other, they also distinguished this segment from the existing V8 + Energy line.

In addition to the colored cans, we added fun, subtle illustrations of bubbles to really drive home that this variety was carbonated. The bubbles added a sense of quirkiness and personality to the packaging as well, which we hope will attract new customers. We rolled out the new design across four line extensions, as well as the 4-pack paperboard boxes for retail.


Branding, Packaging

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