Sweet Farm


Branding, Digital, Print

Sweet Farm came to us with the need for a brand refresh and overall strategic thinking around who they are and what they are about. With so many different ventures and moving parts within one organization, it took time to distill and streamline the mission in order to begin to create a cohesive brand look and feel. They are a non-profit, animal rescuing, regenerative agriculture supporting, technology driven organization that at the time happened to be moving (along with all of their animals) across the country from California to New York! The team wanted a refreshed brand look that would encompass all of these things and more.

With their aim to attract higher-end clients for donations while still being approachable enough for the general public, we decided to push the brand into a more “boutique” feel with the logos and color palette, while introducing some fun whimsy in the supporting iconography and messaging. 

In the process we chose typography, colors and provided a brand guide which included social media icons and even some swag. Sweet Farm had a beautiful collection of photographs that we were able to incorporate in order to bring the location to life. In addition to this, the team asked that we help in the creation and development of their new website. They wanted their new look and feel to be translated to the web and also adjust the overall organization and hierarchy—not to mention add in all of the new offerings they were working on in their newly minted New York location.

We’re so excited to have been a part of the process of bringing Sweet Farm to life here on the East coast, and hope to continue to help them further their cause.

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