Protos Crisps


Branding, Digital, Packaging, Photography

Antithesis foods developed a line of chickpea crisps and needed helped getting it to the public. They needed a logo, a unique package design as well as the assets to tell their story—so they enlisted our team at Works as their partner.

After an audit of the category and the competitors, we felt that that a bold and fun direction would be the best representation of this product and of the team behind it. We developed concepts for the brand mark and packaging that encapsulated the brand story while each having their own unique perspective. We worked on three varieties using bright colors, highlighting the health benefits, flavors and of course the product itself. The team did extensive research on competitors as we wanted to make sure that these stuck out on shelf. We too wanted to make sure that even though there were health benefits, this didn’t feel like a health food and still felt bold and would make a consumer want to try them.

After a few rounds of design, we landed here. It was the perfect balance of bold and fun but still has strength behind the brand mark if on its own. We shot all of the photography in house for both the crisps and the ingredients. When it came time to produce these, we went to great lengths in meeting with the printer to make sure the colors were just right.

Once the packaging was well under way, we created a brand guide so the team had a toolkit of assets to continue to build this brand. This included the brand mark in multiple usage formats, all fonts, colors, a web layout and more. This will help the team as they promote and build awareness and moreover this kit created a foundation for flavors in the future.

We loved bringing this from concept to reality and are thrilled with the results! We are so excited to work with the team to promote these crisps and anything else that they have in store for us.


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