Prego Plus


Branding, Digital, Packaging

The Prego® team came to Works with a unique proposition that needed help. They had the opportunity to create a new line of Prego® products that included additional protein or veggies but still tasted the same. The main idea behind this was a mom getting some goodness into her family through additional protein or super vegetables BUT the fact that these were “hidden” in same Prego® taste her family knows and loves. 


There were a lot of guardrails for the design team in that the branding needed to stay the same, the architecture should stay close in so a consumer is not confused in thinking this would taste different and to basically treat this as a line extension. Communication was key here and we were determined to help the team make a splash on shelf.

We gave the team what they wanted but in true Works Design Group fashion, we went above and beyond. We created characters, introduced bright colors and tried multiple treatments to help communicate the hidden aspect of this. One main idea that we as a team felt was important was to introduce the + sign locked up with the Prego® branding. Although this was off the table in our initial conversation, we felt it was a worthwhile exercise to at least show the team. Our rationale was that these varieties were indeed different than existing Prego® and should communicate that. These were a little more than Prego® in other words, PLUS. Well did the tables turn! Not only did the team finally agree, so did consumer testing!

So now with Prego+ locked up within the logo, we still were back and forth with the “hidden” aspect of these products. One design rose to the top (at least in our opinion). We went through many iterations and went with the idea of the label being “lifted.” The idea was so you can see what’s underneath and here was where we placed what the “hidden” benefit was.

In addition to the front panel we worked through color and back panel iterations to create a unique style for these. We created custom illustrations to help further add in personality as well as enable the team to utilize this library of assets in their media push. We made sure that Hidden Super Veggies and Plus Protein had their own colors and assets but also needed to address Prego+ as a platform. To finalize all of this, we too created an entire style guide to help guide this and future teams on how the assets should work. We distinguished fonts, colors, how the communication would work per type as well as if they were to be combined how Prego+ should be treated as a line.

This project was a great testament to an internal philosophy that we have is to always push just a little bit further and sometimes, it works!


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