Pleasant Valley 160th Anniversary


Branding, Digital, Environmental Design, Packaging, Print

Pleasant Valley Wine Company is one of the oldest wine producers in the United States, and proudly displays the designation of U.S. Bonded Winery No. 1. This year marked the 160th anniversary of the company, and their team came to Works Design Group to develop an exciting suite of promotional materials to mark the occasion.

The first element of this project was to design a new emblem and bottleneck label to commemorate the anniversary. After reviewing several design concepts, it was decided that a black and gold color scheme would provide a really attractive contrast, especially since the printer could work with gold foil. This emblem was paired with beautiful examples of their Great Western champagne bottles, as well as some examples of important occasions in the brand’s history. Our team included social sharing tags within the printed elements to help engage the public and to draw on their own memories celebrated with the brand, from World Series wins to wedding celebrations.

We also developed a beautiful series of billboards that would advertise the anniversary along expressways in Buffalo, New York. The design team knew that the client would see the best results by keeping the messaging concise, and created multiple iterations that help to drive brand recognition among the audience.

Finally, we planned, designed, and executed an ambitious social media campaign to celebrate the anniversary and encourage consumer engagement. After researching best practices for the alcohol industry and working with the client to establish their strengths and goals, the team proposed a posting schedule and recommended three unique posts a week across Facebook and Instagram. We created individual accounts for the Great Western Champagne brand, and we implemented the campaign rollout for these accounts as well as the Pleasant Valley Wine Company accounts.

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