MunchOn Eats


Branding, Digital

MunchOn Eats came to us with a need for an updated brand mark. As an online food ordering platform relaunching in the height of a pandemic, the business was hitting an all time high and growing fast. Their original logo lacked a focus on the word “eats”, and overall was outdated compared to the forward-looking nature of their platform.

They wanted something simple and clean that would stand out both on online platforms like Facebook and on a mobile home screen as an app. We took particular care in crafting several options for an app icon, while still considering additional branding opportunities across platforms.

As a team, we feel it’s always important to convey how a single logo or wordmark can expand into various applications. In this case, we chose to present initial logo and icon concepts on boards that included examples of both web and mobile applications as well as mockups of the app icon seen within a home screen setting.

The client chose a simple monogram approach to the app icon, that includes an alternate featuring the full name. Our warm color palette drives appetite appeal while flat color and visual clarity lends itself to the tech-forward approach to their business.


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