Lucky Hare Brewing


Branding, Digital, Packaging

Lucky Hare Brewing Company had a great problem on their hands. With great beer and great demand, they had little time to focus on their brand. Luckily (see what we did there?), Works was on hand to help streamline and elevate their branding and packaging to new levels.

Their existing hare head and funky text exuded a fun and quirky brand personality—and this personality is carried through on each can in having a custom illustration and unique variety name. The problem was that the logo they were using wasn’t being used consistently, and the logo often was not featured on the front of can labels. With the craft beer market booming, Lucky Hare had high hopes of being able to further break through on shelf so consumers could see their mark, recognize it, and purchase their wide range of offerings. Like any process, we did many store audits taking a look at the competition as well as the different approaches that we could take. The team here at Works first took a look at the brand mark in trying to simplify making it easier to produce on various mediums. Moreover, we chose a typeface that was more legible but still allowed for the Lucky Hare quirkiness. 


We went through several rounds of design refining the hare head, selecting fonts and of course selecting colors for the brand guide. This too enabled us to take a look at the cans and figure out what was the best direction for shelf presence. We decided that the brand name was the most important and should be the first thing a consumer sees. Since their cans were so unique, the next items in terms of hierarchy went to the illustration and finally the type of beer. We know that looking on this saturated shelf may be overwhelming- so what we wanted to do was offer the consumer a sense of comfort in seeing the Lucky Hare brand. We too wanted to make sure that that branding remained consistent throughout all other materials. Our team solved for the various form factors and delivered this in a Lucky Hare Style Guide. We too worked closely with their illustrator in creating a template so that his artwork will still shine in conjunction with the new branding.

We have solidified the Brand Guide and continue to work on materials for the Lucky Hare team. Seeing our logo on a can is really the point of pride for our team, especially those who LOVE the beer!

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