Ice Cubes Strawberry Lemonade

Ice Breakers Gum is one of The Hershey Company’s most dynamic brands, with fruity flavors driving a significant amount of household penetration. To capitalize on this, Hershey launched a new Strawberry Lemonade flavor in March of 2020. With the knowledge that competitor brands were releasing new entrants to the market at the same time, Hershey understood that the packaging for Strawberry Lemonade needed to be arresting and break through the clutter on shelf.

Hershey also needed the packaging for this new line extension to fit into the existing Ice Breakers Gum design structure, as well as immediately communicate flavor. Works Design Group delivered bold designs for the bottlepack and wrapped cardboard tray. We went through a series of color studies of which needed to do two things: complement the existing line and differentiate this flavor from the others. This exploration also included original illustrations for flavor visualization.



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