Hershey Kisses Treasure Surprise


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An evolving project for an innovative new product from Hershey®

The Hershey Kisses® Treasure Surprise project was a true testament to the agility of our nimble agency. This started as a simple brand lock up and style guide task, but quickly escalated into two full package designs, brand assets, display trays, and even in-store displays. Although challenging at times, it combined two of our biggest areas of expertise as a design agency: toys and packaged food. It too brought out one of our core strengths- flexibility. We were able to face each obstacle head on and never lost stride.



One unified design system that would allow multiple licenses to shine

Treasure Surprise was a unique proposition in that each “treasure chest” contained Hershey Kisses® and a surprise figurine from a specific license. Since we were working with multiple licenses, we strategized on how to make these both unique and uniform, so that any potential future licenses could be integrated smoothly and stand out from each other. There were many important decisions to consider here, especially when it came to color selection.

The project became even more complex as it developed but- we were up to the challenge! First, we were tasked to create a new brand lock up combining Hershey Kisses® and Treasure Surprise. The packaging needed to communicate a number of vital elements, including the fact that the treasure chest contained both candy and a toy, which licensed property the toy was from, what the possible toys could be, and the fact that there were five collectible varieties for each license. Quite the tall order for such a small package!




Smart color and pattern selection communicate information instantly

We went through several rounds of design to get the lock up just right. Once we got there, we introduced the other elements. We took into consideration how these would be displayed in utilizing both the top and sides of the chest in different ways. We photographed each of the licensed toys, created a pattern for the background, and offered advice to the Hershey team when they were choosing a color for the actual chest.


The Deliverables

From product concept to final in-store displays, we were there every step of the way

With the way this industry works, we know that not every project goes according to plan or initial scope. Luckily, we were in this project from beginning to end. From developing the initial chest concepts to designing the trays where they would sit on shelf and proposing multiple iterations of in-store displays. We utilized the new brand assets as well as the licensed artwork, and we crafted messaging to inspire excitement around the product and the allure of the surprise toy.

We were thrilled to see these finally hit the shelves!

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