Hatfield Premium Reserve Pork


Branding, Digital, Packaging, Photography, Print

When it comes to premium pork, Clemens Food Group knows exactly what they’re doing. To help introduce their top-of-the-line offerings to the retail market, they entrusted Works to convey their ideals of heritage, technique, and uncompromised quality. To kick off the project, Works first explored a variety of visual directions that a premium pork offering could take on under their Hatfield brand. 


With Clemens having selected a direction that embodied the core idea that their company was founded by farmers and butchers, Works began the process of creating logo concepts that reflected their vision.



With a series of iterations and optimizations, Works landed on a bold and upscale mark that conveyed the steakhouse-quality nature of a pork product that one can cook to perfection at home.


Works not only created the brand and packaging for this product, but created everything that Clemens would need to help promote their product on both a food service and a consumer level. From sell-sheets, in-store signage, industry guides and videos, Works ran the gamut of branded materials in order to support a successful launch of a truly premium product.


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