Finger Lakes Distilling


Branding, Environmental Design, Photography, Print

Finger Lakes Distillery, a very successful company and destination in the Finger Lakes region of NY, needed some help with their corporate branding. With their success, they wanted to feel a bit more established and sophisticated. Like any project in the beginning, we got to know the operation, the products and brands. What we uncovered and discussed with the team were options to better unify the brand. These spirits all were well known and gaining traction but no one knew that they are coming from the same place! The team at Works encouraged FLD to celebrate this.

After several discussions, we agreed on a path forward in terms of brand strategy and moved onto the corporate brand mark. This upfront work set the stage for a solid foundation for the overall Finger Lakes Distillery brand. We knew where we wanted to go and now we needed to execute. We dove deep into the whiskey rivers of the Finger Lakes and developed several concepts that modernized the current logo and still paid homage to the region. This was something that was very important to the team so we made sure to keep to the ask. As we developed the logo, we too solidified fonts, colors and showcased how this brand mark would work on swag as well as within various marketing materials.

Along with this foundation, we delivered bottle, recipe and on-site drone photography to help highlight the experience of visiting this beautiful location.

Of course no distillery experience would be complete without some nicely branded swag.

We are thrilled with the way the new branding has come to life and cannot wait for what is to come with our continued partnership with Finger Lakes Distillery.