Campbell’s Organics


Help launch the first organic soup line in the history of Campbell Soup Company

Campbell’s looked to launch this new line, with 6 SKUs and a variety of alternative executions in different channels. Part of the challenge was that it was not entirely clear whether it would launch into the traditional soup aisle or the organic soup aisle (pictured below).




The Work

Over a dozen design concepts in a wide range of styles

We did extensive research consisting of store visits, mood boards and other analyses. After aligning on a couple of archetypes to explore, we delivered over a dozen preliminary concepts. The chosen concept featured hand-drawn typography with watercolor accents and a white, airy aesthetic.




The Deliverables

6 varieties and multiple executions across channels and consumers.

The final design featured a distinctive and ownable composition with the soup bowl photos featured at the top of the package. Moreoever, we shot all the photography in-house in our photo studio, and proceeded to roll out the designs for club stores and other end uses.


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