Packaging Photography Trends for 2019

You might notice that your grocery aisle looks a little different recently. Lately, we’ve been seeing several major brands updating their packaging, and new photography is at the forefront. Many of these refreshes have taken the same direction, indicating some broader industry trends that we felt are worth sharing.


Stepping Back

In years past, close-in photography was everywhere. Now, as companies update their product shots, they are increasingly using overhead images that feature more of the dish. Sometimes this is also used as an opportunity to feature more environment, which can add interest and signal targeted lifestyles. In other instances, like in the redesigned Goya packaging below, brands use the extra space to identify or highlight specific components of the meal.


Finished Meal Shots

In the past, some brands have been wary about showing completed entrees on their packaging, for fear of misrepresenting the product and what it comes with. This has been especially true of “just add a protein” dishes, which have sometimes gone so far as to specifically call out the fact that meat is not included in their messaging. We are now seeing that relaxing, as more packaged side dishes are displaying the product as part of a finished meal.


Expressive Ingredient Shots

As ingredient images feature more heavily in packaging, designers are getting creative about how they are stylized. For example, rather than showing whole vegetables, this box from Zatarain’s has them chopped and artfully arranged. Consumers are craving more complex flavors, so tastes are represented by the presence of bright, varied colors and visible spices.

We have called out these trends on Instagram, where we are running a new series called #TrendTuesday. Follow Works Design Group’s account for weekly insights for a variety of categories from across the grocery store.




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