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Four Ways to Innovate Your Packaging for the New Year

A new year, a new you! So goes the cliché, but have you thought about taking it to heart this year?

2022 is on our doorstep, and with the new year comes a chance for your brand to innovate and stand out to your current and potential customers. The start of another cycle around the sun is a great time to assess, shed designs that didn’t work, take chances and embrace a fresh approach to your business and packaging.

Let’s take a look at four ways to innovate your packaging for the new year.

Make It Pop with Some New Color

Color is one of the more underrated components of packaging. While we all associate brands and products with colors (i.e. Tide detergent and orange), they often fade into the background of our recognition. That is, we take a color scheme for granted and it is simply linked to the product. The color fails to say anything by itself…until it changes.

If your packaging has felt stale, consider taking a bold approach and altering the color scheme. Sure, it’s risky, as your customers likely have the color association established in their minds, but choosing a new set of hues will give your product the opportunity to pop and stand out. New customers might take a second look at this unfamiliar packaging. When going about the color change, one study that we art Works Design always do is look at the product on the shelf in the environment. It may seem like a lot but looking at a design solo versus on shelf could completely change your point of view.

Do Your Part by Going Sustainable

Society is more and more becoming aware of the havoc caused by single-use plastics and other non-sustainable packaging. As consumers increasingly vote with their dollars, the material of your packaging may be a deciding factor as to whether or not someone buys your product. And, by choosing to go sustainable, you’ll be a part of the solution to global waste rather than perpetuating the problem.

At your disposal are a variety of eco-friendly options. You can go with compostable or biodegradable packaging, both of which safely disintegrate back into the Earth, or a recyclable material that can be repurposed into a new product.

Of course, easier said than done, but in 2022, reassure your current and potential customers that you’ll keep your packaging outside of an ocean or landfill.

Drop a new line

In line with refreshing what might have become stale, your packaging’s verbiage may need to say something new.

There are a couple of approaches here. You might simply make a few minor alterations that have a substantial impact. For instance, you could substitute your adjectives with more descriptive options – like “scrumptious” instead of “tasty” and “stupendous” instead of “great”. A thesaurus certainly comes in handy here.

Highlighting new buzz claims (if you can) like plant based, protein packed or trying to increase usage occasions like on the go, easy snack are just some small steps that can help consumers take a second look or buy again.

Moreover, your word revamp might mean erasing all of your packaging’s copy and starting from scratch. In the new text, you could emphasize another focal strength of your product, incorporate a different tone or seek to be more concise. Sometimes its best to have an outsider take a look and brainstorm for fresh ideas and outlooks.

Add an Eye-Catching Imagery

Nothing grabs more attention than an engaging photo.  Consider adding a new visual element to your packaging that helps further tell your story and of course draws consumers in. Sometimes the simplest change can go a long way.

Another thing to consider is how to use or different ways to use your product. Especially when it comes to a new product or behavior, consumers are reluctant to try as they don’t know how to use it. Seems simple but show them! Better yet, inspire them!
With the TikTok and Reels crazes its amazing what buzz these generate but not to mention how these short slips get people to try new things! 

Resolve to Evolve

2022 could be the year your brand jumps to the next tier. To get you there, consider transforming your product’s packaging by going sustainable, embracing a fresh approach in color, word choice or visual elements. As overwhelming as it may seem, let us help- its what we do everyday.


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