New Takes on Classic Products Help Alleviate Pandemic Boredom

When the pandemic first hit America back in March, we questioned whether we might see a center store renaissance as consumers purchased products from their childhood that felt comforting and nostalgic. Now that we are approaching the eighth month of the pandemic, some shoppers are feeling a little bored with the classics that they have depended on since the spring.

At the Special Food Live! Conference, a number of panelists pointed to products like chocolate made from sheep’s milk and pretzel bread mix as indicators that consumers are gravitating towards brands that can put a fun twist on familiar favorites. Since we are gearing up for a holiday season that might not feature the kind of traditional winter activities that many people look forward to all year, families will be more likely to turn to interesting and innovative new food products in order to make their own fun at home.  


Banza™ Debuts Frozen Pizza with Chickpea Crust

“Healthy” frozen pizzas made from alternative ingredients, such as cauliflower, have been popular with shoppers ever since they first went mainstream just a few years ago. Banza™, which is best known for making boxed pastas made from chickpeas, has entered this category to offer consumers even more choices when it comes to innovative versions of this comforting and easy dinner at home.


Jelly Belly® Goes Gourmet

Jelly Belly’s® jellybeans have been a part of countless holiday celebrations over the years, as it is a favorite addition to Easter baskets, Valentine’s Day gifts, and holiday gingerbread houses. Now, the classic candy company that consumers have loved since childhood is reimagining the scope of their brand with the release of luxury chocolate truffles, which include fillings inspired by some of their most popular jellybean flavors. For consumers that have been indulging in some of their favorite candies as a way of coping with the added stress that this year has brought, they can mix things up a little with this gourmet spin on a beloved brand.


Runamok® Maple Livens up Breakfast with Sparkle Syrup

There are a lot of families with children staying at home for extended periods of time, and some of them haven’t gone back to school yet at all. For these parents, products that can introduce a little magic into the day are a great way to cheer their kids up during this unprecedented school year. Runamok® Maple has already sold out of their limited-edition Sparkle Syrup, which is a charming and unexpected way to add a little surprise to a traditional pancake breakfast.

As the pandemic shows no sign of slowing down in many areas of the country, a lot of consumers are going to continue to take comfort in classic products that recall a sense of nostalgia. However, brands should not rest on their laurels – by introducing innovative versions of traditional foods, brands can help break up consumers’ food routines that could be getting a little stale.

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