New Products are Perfect for Winter Baking

Baking has always been a popular winter activity, but many leaders in the food industry are anticipating that there is going to be even more interest from consumers that are looking for ways to keep festive traditions alive. As other beloved seasonal activities – such as Black Friday shopping, Christmas markets, and holiday performances – remain inaccessible and unsafe, baking is a nostalgic activity that allows the whole family to participate. As such, several brands have developed innovative new products that are sure to get shoppers excited about cozy winter baking in their own kitchens. Now that we’re in November, many of these products are already available (or will be very soon) on shelves across the country.


Duncan Hines® Takes Hot Chocolate and Holiday Cookies to the Next Level

One seasonal product that is just as popular as baked desserts is hot cocoa. Duncan Hines® recently announced that they’re combining these for two new winter classics – Swiss Miss® Hot Cocoa Cake Mix, and, naturally, Swiss Miss® Creamy Hot Cocoa Frosting.

The company has also released a new Holiday Mega Cookie mix, which comes with a six-inch pan and green and red sprinkles that are shaped like tiny Christmas trees. As a microwavable mix that only requires water and melted butter, this kind of product is a perfect example of how brands can offer consumers a wide range of engagement this holiday season, from a simple 2-minute treat to a more complicated cooking project.


Pillsbury’s® New Winter Funfetti Brings a Chilly Look to Warm Treats

While colors like green, red, and gold tend to be traditional choices for brands looking to introduce limited-edition holiday products and packaging, Pillsbury® is subverting this with their new Winter Funfetti products. Decked out in blue, white, and yellow, this selection of cake mix and frosting lets consumers make desserts that are icy and perfect for Instagram.

Betty Crocker™ Proves that the Best Christmas Cookies Aren’t Baked at All

Who isn’t guilty of licking the spoon after making dough for Christmas cookies? Betty Crocker™ wants holiday bakers to ditch the shame – and the oven – with the company’s new limited-edition Chocolate Peppermint No-Bake Cookie Dough Bites. According to the product description, these are “highly snackable, no-bake bites in family favorite flavors. These edible cookie dough bites are easy for kids to make and safe for everyone to eat. Betty Crocker™ believes when you make it yourself, you make it special.”

Just like neighbors found ways to make trick-or-treating safe and fun for children this Halloween, families will find joy in new winter traditions in the coming months. It is likely that winter baking is going to play a big role in this, and CPG brands have an opportunity to support consumers in making holiday cheer in their own kitchens.

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