A New Look for Philadelphia (Cream Cheese)

In its April 4, 2014 issue, The Wall Street Journal featured a redesigned packaging system for Kraft’s iconic Philadelphia cream cheese brand.  The new food packaging design features structural and graphical updates that make the packages more modern and enticing, while at the same time more efficient from a functional perspective.

The old packaging caused a number of problems, in addition to being somewhat dated and lacking any significant appetite appeal. For instance, the round package would constantly spin around during stocking or shopper shifting, which caused the branding to be obscured.  Below is a look at the old food packaging design…

And the new package is below.  As you can see, they really boosted the appetite appeal with a splash of chunky cream cheese “schmear.”  The structure also changed, while making them elongated with a ridge on the lid to prevent them from rotating on the shelf.  And interestingly, they dropped the Kraft logo and added the “Since 1872” line to emphasize the product’s longevity and disconnect it from the big corporate Kraft brand.  All in all, a more fuctional, pretty and appealing design that stayed within the framework of the Philadelphia brand.

Click here to read the original article in the Wall Street Journal.

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