Much needed update…

When I read about this, I almost couldn’t believe it. A brand like Barq’s Root Beer, easily recognizable and well known, had not had a brand refresh in over 20 years? Yikes! I guess they fall under the old saying, “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it?”From far away, it does not seem like much has changed, but up close is really where you see the difference. The signature can has been re-surfaced with a new diamond pattern. It was news to me that this new diamond pattern is reminiscent of Barq’s original packaging. The re-design celebrates the brand’s 114 year history and keeps with its simple slogan, “It’s Good. Since 1898.”

Of course we know with any package evolution, we have to keep with the brand’s heritage and not take away from its equity. Notice that the green is not totally gone, just reduced. The fonts used are much more clear. The reddish Root Beer barrels got a slight re-design. BUT, do you notice what is missing?

“Famous Old Tyme Root Beer”

The new design will be featured on all of Barq’s packaging and is currently rolling-out nationwide. The drink’s original 1898 12-oz. glass bottle packaging will remain available in the Gulf Coast area.

What do you think?

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