5 Designs We Love: Sneakers

In this edition of 5 Designs We Love, we will highlight 5 of the most innovative designs in the world of sneakers.  Each of these designs has set the stage for future designs to come and have brilliantly set a trend that has endured the times.  As you are reading, note that each of these designs is unique and beautiful in its own right, but there is one important element that is present in each of the designs below: versatility.


1. Converse All Stars

Chuck Taylor Innovative Designs

Converse All Stars (also frequently referred to as “Chuck T.s” after Chuck Taylor’s famous endorsement) is a legendary shoe design has remained trendy throughout the generations.  The classic high-top and traditional designs are instantly recognizable are perhaps the most versatile sneaker in the history of sneakers… they have been customized with countless colors and styles over the years.  They are popular with a range of demographics, are worn with virtually any apparel combinations and are impossible to imitate or replace.


2. Nike SB Dunk

Nike SB Dunk Innovative Designs

The classic Nike SB Dunk is highly customizable.  In fact, the entire look and feel of the shoe can be transformed with simple changes in colors and shapes. These shoes became a cultural phenomenon and have continued to change and improve with the times. The classic Nike Swoosh is proudly displayed, making these instantly recognizable. This timeless design shows that one shoe can become so many different shoes by changing one simple element.

3. Nike Air Jordans

Air Jordan Innovative Designs

While we are on the subject of Nike, the Air Jordans are widely beloved by fans of then and now. When the first Air Jordans were released in 1985, they set a strong statement in sneaker design.  While the original Air Jordan is the only design that features the trademark Nike Swoosh, the lines that followed featured other memorable marks. The Air Jordan III featured the iconic Jumpman logo and was the first to feature Nike’s patented air sole window units.


4. Vans

Vans Innovative Designs

Vans has created a comfortable shoe and casual branding that have made it wildly popular with consumers who tend to be laid back. The colors and certain features are customizable, but the basic shape of Vans usually remains the same. Customers can now design their own Vans shoes for a truly unique pair of shoes.


5. Be & D

Be & D Innovative Designs

Be & D is the first of its kind and has set what will hopefully become an enduring trend: utilizing the shoe’s canvas. They have found a way to create a picture, story, or shoe within the shoe and this is a trend we hope will pick up.

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