Industry Insights: Jan Pajerski, President of Grainful

Jan Pajerski is the president of Grainful, an oat-based meal startup that has seen incredible growth over the past few years. He was kind enough to participate in our Industry Insights series, and we interviewed him about the company and his advice for entrepreneurs in the food industry.


Q: What is your personal favorite Grainful product?


Q: How is Grainful healthier than market alternatives?


Q: Have you had any difficulty marketing to skeptics who say microwave and other quick-prep foods cannot possibly be healthy?


Q: Savory oatmeal is a relatively new concept for most shoppers. Have you faced any challenges with educating consumers or investors and getting them on board with the product line?


Q: Grainful secured over $3 million in funding, including a very prestigious incubator grant from Chobani. What advice do you have for small food businesses or startups that are seeking funding?


Q: Fans have had a very positive reaction to Grainful, and your products are now available in thousands of stores. How have kept up with the brand’s growth? 


Q: What technologies and supplier selection processes have been helpful in making sure that Grainful’s products are safe and healthy for consumers?

Q: Are there any opportunities in the food industry that you think small businesses/startups might not be taking full advantage of?

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