How Companies are Driving Branded Experiences Home

Branded experiences have been one of the strongest marketing trends of the past few years. Ever since the pandemic hit in March, brand executives have been strategizing how to reach consumers at home to deliver unique, memorable experiences. The most effective examples of these sorts of campaigns not only provide novelty, but real value to consumers as well.


Miller Lite® Transports Customers to Simpler Times

This 70’s themed experience might look old-fashioned, but the creative team at Miller Lite® planned this project to respond to totally modern needs. The branded timeshare is located within a three-hour drive of both Chicago and Detroit, playing into the current travel trend of low-key road trips (rather than flying) near two of the brand’s most promising markets. Pinterest searches related to road trips increased by almost 250% in June, and Miller Lite® saw an opportunity to meet this new desire for accessible, safe vacations.

The timeshare is also stocked with “quarantine-friendly activities,” including pinball, vinyl records, and board games from the era. The timeshare is available via Miller Lite’s® new partnership with, and guests can rent out the space for just $96 per night.


Jared® Helped Over 2,000 Couples Marry at Home

The entire wedding industry has been completely rocked by the pandemic. The jeweler Jared®, which has made engagements, weddings, and anniversaries a major part of their brand image, created a free platform to facilitate digital weddings throughout the summer. By the time Jared® closed the platform at the end of the season, over two thousand weddings had been celebrated in front of upwards of nine thousand guests.

According to chief marketing officer Bill Brace, “We asked how we could help. It was a moment we needed to step up as a brand and live our purpose.”


Pepsi’s® “Tailgate in a Box” Brings the Pregame to the Backyard

Football has always been a community activity. The pandemic has cast a lot of uncertainty about what this year’s football season will look like, including the fan experience. Pepsi®  is offering football lovers the ultimate at-home tailgating experience with their “Tailgate in a Box” sweepstakes, a package valued at nearly $5,000 that includes an outdoor projector, custom cornhole sets, and a variety of Pepsi® products.

According to Todd Kaplan, Pepsi’s® vice president of marketing, “While everybody can talk about how COVID is creating all of these constraints and all these limitations, I also look at the other side and say, man, what an opportunity.” He added, “okay, there’s no fans at the stadium — how do you address that void?”

Consumers may be staying home more, but that does not mean that branded experiences have to be put on the backburner. On the contrary, consumers are hungry for opportunities to break out of their routines and have a little safe, low-cost fun. This is an important time for brand teams to get creative and find ways to deliver valuable experiences to consumers, because they won’t forget the little things that got them through the pandemic.

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