Heritage Cans

When I see that big companies making limited edition cans or products, I always think to myself, “Why don’t more companies do this?” Granted, that is not to say that all items are designed well or look great, but I find it more appealing when companies switch it up a little. Why not give your customers something new to look at?

Throwbacks, limited edition, and holidays are just some of the reasons for a packaging switch up. Here is an example, Coors Banquet Beer. I know these cans coming from a family that loves banquet beer so when I saw these, I was more intrigued.  I read a little more about this on the Dieline:

The Coors Banquet brand is built upon the legends of its timeless western spirit, from miner banquets to it’s high quality ingredients. We celebrate the Banquet Beer’s rich heritage with the release of four commemorative can designs selected from the brewery archive. The cans represent the 1930s to 1980s, and are a testament that Coors Banquet is Golden Forever. Born in Golden, Colorado, Coors Banquet has stubbornly refused to compromise since 1873.

As you can see they have stayed within their brand since the beginning. Isn’t it nice to pay a little tribute?

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