Grubhub’s Year in Review Shows Unexpected Food Trends

Mobile food ordering apps like Grubhub, Caviar, and MunchOn Eats had already been growing more popular before the pandemic, but the lockdown has given restaurant takeout a whole new level of importance. Now that so many new consumers have started using these services in 2020, the industry suddenly has access to very specific data about what Americans have been eating. Grubhub just released their Year in Review “Taste of 2020” report, and it reveals some pretty surprising information about developing trends that brand leaders from across the food industry should know about.


America’s Favorite Pizza is – Hawaiian?

Pineapple is often considered one of the most controversial pizza toppings, right up there with anchovies. However, according to Grubhub, ham and pineapple “Hawaiian style” pizza took the top spot this year as America’s favorite pizza. The app reported that Hawaiian style pizza was 689% more popular this year than last year, leaving us wondering what made so many consumers change their minds about the topping. Maybe all those cancelled vacations led Americans to look for tropical experiences a little closer to home?

Americans Couldn’t Get Enough Spice

Grubhub’s #1 trending dish of 2020 was the spicy chicken sandwich, but that wasn’t the only thing that customers ordered to turn up the heat. Thai chili brussels sprouts made the app’s list of the top 5 side dishes, while the #1 ramen flavor was spicy tonkotsu (up 501% from last year), and the #1 dumpling order was spicy wontons (up 457%).


America’s Favorite Dessert is Surprisingly Traditional 

Grubhub delivered thousands of desserts this year, from ice cream and cake to fresh fruit. However, in such a nontraditional year, the top dessert was actually very traditional– apple pie! While Americans kept their Thanksgiving dinners small and intimate in 2020, they still turned to restaurants to deliver their favorite autumn comfort foods.


 Americans Really Loved Mushrooms This Year

According to Grubhub’s report, America’s favorite burger toppings were garlic and mushrooms. Burgers made from meat alternatives have been growing explosively popular at retail, but this trend demonstrates that even meat lovers are coming around to seeing more vegetables on their burgers.

Mushrooms, spice, pineapples, and apple pie all managed to win over tons of Grubhub users in 2020. While the pandemic had consumers craving a mix of traditional and exotic foods, these trends could easily carry over into the new year even after the coronavirus vaccine becomes widely available. The pandemic definitely shook the entire food and beverage industry, but restaurant owners and CPG brand leaders alike have a special opportunity thanks to this big shift to online ordering. Now that this kind of data is available, leaders across the food industry can take advantage of the information to ensure that they offer consumers the types of products that they’re really craving.


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