Glittery Foods Shine with Consumers in 2020

Edible glitter is a great way for brands to give their products a fun and youthful look. As consumers look to get more unique experiences from classic foods in 2020, brands are using edible glitter to put a magical spin on their own treats. Many of these brands are labeling these as “unicorn,” “fairy,” or “mermaid” versions of their products, demonstrating how transformative this simple ingredient can be.


Little Debbie® Gets Mythical with Sparkling Strawberry Unicorn Cakes

After a two-year absence, these unicorn cakes from Little Debbie® returned to shelves this spring with a new look. Coated in a pastel blue drizzle and purple candy glitter, these sparkling desserts can bring a little magic to packed school lunches and late-night grazing.


Kroger’s Mermaid Sparkle Deluxe Ice Cream Delivers Nautical Novelty

This cotton candy-flavored ice cream was launched in early March at Krogers across the country. It’s packed with blue glitter and candy pieces, which is sure to make it a new favorite for children’s birthday parties, poolside snacking, and after-school sundaes.


Walmart’s Orange Glitter Syrup Made for Frightful October Breakfasts

This limited-edition product from Walmart is a great example of how food brands can encourage consumers to find little ways to celebrate the season at home during the pandemic. Walmart’s website describes the product as “unboo-lievable,” saying that “made with edible glitter, this orange syrup is just what you need to go with our Great Value Halloween Sprinkle Pancake and Waffle Mix. With 12 servings per bottle, there’s plenty for everyone to enjoy a spooky breakfast. Add some delicious sparkle to your breakfast with Great Value Orange Glitter Halloween Syrup.”


Godiva’s® New Sparkling Chocolates Show a More Sophisticated Take on the Trend

While it might be easy to write off edible glitter as a novelty, this limited-edition line of glitter-infused chocolates from Godiva® shows that brands can put a more adult spin on the trend. Perfect for the holidays, this release is meant to remind consumers of twinkling lights and sparkling Christmas ornaments.

From electric “unicorn” themes to elegant winter surprises, edible glitter is a simple way for brands to bring some excitement to their products. Thanks to a slew of sparkly new product releases over the past few months, glittery foods have become one of the biggest trends of 2020.

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